Bio Carrier and Trash bags are made from a blend of corn starch and other organic material.

  • They meet international standards and is environment friendly
  • Eco friendly bags do not harm environment whether in production or disposable
  • There is a general global awareness of the importance of protecting mother nature and especially health, so using green products is vital
  • The range of Bio bags are : Perforated grocery bags, Carrier (T-Shirt) bags, Trash bags, Laundry bags.
  • Disposal of Bio bags is more cost effective as it disintegrates over a shorter period of time to soil like fertilizers, unlike conventional bags which takes decades to disintegrate
  • There is no compromise to quality and safety
  • Studies show that the ocean is polluted with toxic-laden pieces of conventional plastics like bottles, bags, wrappers, straws which are consumed by fish and animals which in turn affects the food chain and poses potential health risk for people