Due to global warming and depletion of natural resources which is primarily used to make disposable food containers, our Biodegradable and compostable tableware produced from sugarcane bagasse and areca leaf is the alternative to non-bio tableware (which are hazardous to health and environment)

Biodegradable and compostable tableware like Plates, Trays, Lunch boxes, Bowls, Cutlery, Drinking Straws are organic in nature.  With constant R&D on new technology in farming, engaging Digital Farming, plants grow with less water, use of organic fertilizers, and can be harvested in shorter period of time.

Merging ethics with aesthetics and timely delivery, these natural fibres provide economic and sturdy tableware which is rigid, can withstand hot, cold and oily food. They are an eco-friendly alternative to non-conventional disposable tableware.

Bagasse is the fibrous residue left over after sugar cane has been crushed and sugar extracted through a manufacturing process.  Bleaching is done by ECF (Element Chlorine Free) process which is FDA approved.

As there is a growing trend with take-aways which is becoming popular worldwide, food is served in disposable compostable packaging to replace material which is environmentally hazardous.

Areca Leaf tableware is produced from quality areca leafs.  They are thoroughly washed dried and pressed in moulds to acquire respective items like Plates, Trays, Lunch Boxes, and Bowls.

Our Bio tableware are  :
  • Produced from organic material (environment friendly)
  • Microwaveable and refrigerator safe
  • Leak proof
  • Liquid and oil resistant
  • Applicable for hot and cold food
  • Non wood fiber –  No deforestation
  • Biodegrades within 180 days with the presence of bacteria, moisture and UV light
  • Tableware are sturdy and have aesthetic finish
  • Non-carcinogenic  content
  • Disintegrates to natural compost  (nature to nature)
  • Ideal for F&B outlets,  Delis’,  Restaurants’,  Catering for Budget Airlines,
  • Bagasse is also used in the manufacture of packaging for Industrial Electrical and Electronic equipment
  • Waste to Wealth