Drinking Straws – as of January 2020, single use drinking straws have been banned in most countries, as they pose a threat to ecosystem and wildlife. A quick switch to Bio compostable straws would be a wise alternative to conventional straws.


PLA straws hold a number of benefits.  Not only are they made from renewable plant-based materials like corn starch or sugar cane but they also require 68% fewer fossil fuel resources to produce than traditional plastic and are commercially compostable to boot.  This makes them a more sustainable choice in comparison to their plastic counterparts.  They are also sturdy, hold well in drinks and are perceived to be more hygienic as they are a single-use item.

These PLA Straws break down in 12 weeks. After 6 months, 90% of the material will be composted. PLA Straws are designed for use only in cold beverages; they are not recommended for use in hot beverages over 120 F. Because they can be disposed of and composted with food waste, they are a convenient fit for fast-food chains and other restaurants.

  • With the global ban on single use plastic straws, paper or bio straws is the better alternative
  • Paper straws are biodegradable and compostable
  • It is produced from three layers of food grade waterproof FSC craft paper with food grade glue
  • No lamination
  • Nontoxic and safe for beverages, juices, smoothies
  • Does not turn soggy despite being in liquids for hours
  • It is thick and sturdy and can withstand heat for up to 60 degrees
  • Home backyard composting is possible
  • After use toss it into trash bins with food waste or home compost
  • To prolong shelf life, keep in cool dry storage