Why Biodegradable DRINKING STRAWS ?

As of January 2020, conventional single use drinking straws have been banned globally as they pose a major threat to ecosystem and wildlife. When conventional straws begin to breakdown they release harmful toxins and also pollute the environment.

A quick switch to biodegradable drinking straws would be a wise alternative to conventional straws.

  • Paper straws are made from natural cellulose paper as primary material
  • Paper straws are biodegradable, compostable and environment friendly
  • It is made from four layers of food grade waterproof FSC (Food Safe Certification) Kraft paper
  • No lamination
  • Non-toxic safe for beverages, juices, smoothies and do not fall apart in chilled drinks
  • Compostable even in home backyard compost bin
  • Shelf life – Two years if stored in cool dry place