“Clean environment for Healthy Living”

  • A comprehensive range of janitorial supplies such as brooms, brushes, squeegees, mops, air fresheners plus full range of hand towel, soap and sanitizer dispensers are available at cost effective prices
  • Cleaning products are necessary for maintaining clean healthy environment, removal of allergies, dust and infections agents
  • With the ongoing pandemic, all the more reason why there is a requirement to keep our environment clean contributing to healthy living

Medical Gloves 

  • Medical gloves are disposable due to usage during medical procedures
  • They prevent contamination between medical personnel caregivers and patients
  • Types of medical gloves are Latex Examination, Nitrile and Vinyl
  • Easy donning and helps prevent roll back
  • Provides comfort and natural fit
  • Textured surface on palm and fingers for better grip
  • It is ambidextrous
  • Conforms to international accreditation


Power supply is generated by hydropower, wave power / wave energy, coal fired, nuclear, wind power and also solar from sunlight

The safest means is by solar power followed by wind power as they are environment friendly. Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity either directly using photovoltatics, indirectly using concentrated solar power which uses lenses or mirrors with tracking systems to focus on a large area of sunlight into a small beam.  Made from efficient solar cells and conforming to international standards, performance and reliability are not compromised.

Advantages of using solar system are: 

  • Solar power is a renewable resource
  • Non-polluting
  • Energy and heat from the sun is free
  • Solar cells require little maintenance
  • No moving parts to be replaced or maintained
  • Replacement after 20 years
  • Very versatile  –  used in cars, water heaters, buildings, satellite, aviation, street lighting, remote telecommunications systems, highway emergency phones